Soto Launches a Social Sake Hour

Soto debuted a social sake hour on Monday offering specials on both food items and drinks. The food offerings are made up of both unique and traditional appetizers, fresh sushi and makimono. Their sake social menu is available Monday through Friday 5pm-6:30pm, Saturday & Sunday 3pm-6:30pm and reverse happy hour is Friday & Saturday 10pm-midnight.

Truffle tuna

If you are a fan of truffle ordering the truffle tuna is a must. The delicate pieces of tuna\’s flavor is enhanced with the truffle and other delicious ingredients. 
Salmon, tuna and saba nigiri

Soto\’s social hour nigiri is a steal at $2 a piece. The nigiri are perfect cuts of extremely fresh fish plated with a wasabi creme sauce.

Social sake menu

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