Patrizi\’s Opens at the Butterfly Bar and Vortex

Patrizi\’s Trailer
Nic Patrizi, chef and owner of the successful food trailer The Jalopy, opened Patrizi\’s bringing savory Italian cuisine to Austin. The trailer officially opened today and is located at the Butterfly Bar and Vortex. This is really a reopening of sorts as Patrizi\’s was owned and operated by his family in Beaumont Texas for 50 years. He is using his family recipes making pastas, sauces and ricotta in house. The trailer itself was decorated by 30 local artists who were given free creative rein. I attended a media soft opening via the Austin Food Bloggers Alliance and was treated to a taste of what Patrizi\’s has to offer.

Patrizi\’s Salad
Patrizi\’s salad is Romaine and uses his family\’s Italian dressing recipe. I added sardines and garlic confit to my serving. 
Patrizi\’s Red Sauce with Meatballs
Patrizi\’s Red Sauce is a rich tomato sauce and the generously portioned and moist meatballs are 75/25 beef.

Pomodoro with Ricotta
All the dishes were flavorful and delicious but the Pomodoro with Ricotta was a favorite at our table. The garlic confit gives the dish a slightest hint of sweetness while the lemon zest adds a refreshing citrus flavor. The house made ricotta has lemon juice, cream, milk and is made fresh daily.
Cacio E Pepe
Cacio E Pepe has a wonderful mix of Grana Padano & Pecorino cheeses, black pepper and olive oil. The Grana Padano lends a grainy texture and tang to the dish while the Pecorino offers a buttery note.
Patrizi\’s menu offers vegetarian options and half portions. Nic\’s cousin Matt did a fantastic job building a covered area for patrons to comfortably dine. The Butterfly Bar has a full bar and Patrizi\’s customers are welcomed to purchase a drink or bottle of wine to consume at Patrizi\’s.

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