All You Can Eat Sushi at Sushi Junai

Sushi Junai recently opened in the former Cherry Street location on Lavaca. The remodel has an Izakaya look and feel making it an inviting place for guests to linger for hours both eating and drinking. The restaurant boasts all you can eat sushi for $19.99 during lunch and $26.95 at dinner. If you do not wish to indulge in the all you can eat, there is an a la carte option. The menu has traditional Japanese fare, Korean cuisine and Westernized sushi. The dishes consist of traditional offerings like beef bulgogi and fusion items such as the K B.B.Q roll which is a California roll topped with bulgogi. Some of the roll names are witty and offbeat like the \”just for the halibut\” roll.
Screaming \”O\”
I started off the meal with basic albacore and hamachi nigiri then delved right into the small plates. The Screaming \”O\” is seared tuna on a bed of shredded radish and swimming in their house S.O. sauce. The fish tasted delicious but the dish was too heavy on the sauce.
Tuna Poki
The Tuna Poki had chunks of fresh tuna tossed in seaweed salad on a bed of shredded radish and topped with smelt eggs and their spicy special sauce.

Baked Green Mussels

The baked green mussels came out tender on top of a creamy crab mix and topped with a savory sauce.

Ex-Girlfriend Roll

The Ex-Girlfriend roll consists of spicy tuna, cucumber and tempura shrimp on the inside and finished with their delicious yum yum crunch, eel and garlic ponzu sauce. I do not favor tempura in rolls but the flavors of garlic and tempura shrimp married well.

Spider Roll

The Spider Roll was a basic roll chock full of crab mix, crab tempura and spicy sauce.

Vanilla Parfait

If you opt for all you can eat dining one dessert item is included. The simple dessert menu includes mochi, ice cream and ice cream parfaits.

Have you ever dined at a sushi restaurant with a large group and it takes an hour to figure out the bill? Sushi Junai\’s one price for all you can eat makes for a hassle free experience. Dinner guests can progressively order throughout the meal and never consider the cost. You can share plates, order as much or as little as you wish and easily split the bill. While the dishes are not as sophisticated as some of Austin\’s finer sushi restaurants, Sushi Junai is a fun place to meet with friends and enjoy quality fish.

Know before you go:
They are BYOB
All you can eat prices does not include tax and gratuity
It is all you can eat so do yourself a favor by not wearing your skinny jeans

3 thoughts on “All You Can Eat Sushi at Sushi Junai

  1. I passed this place the other day and was so curious to find out if it was any good. Thanks for the post. I will be all over this after my baby arrives. I've been craving sushi this whole time!


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