Pleasant Storage Room Bringing Cuban Flair to Austin

Pleasant Storage Room recently opened in the heart of the warehouse district serving patrons craft cocktails, \”overproof punch\” and Caribbean street food. The handsomely renovated space reeks of old world charm. I recently attended a friends and family event at Pleasant Storage Room where guests were treated to complimentary cocktails and samplings from their food menu.

Bay of Figs punch service

One of the highlights of the bar menu is their bold \”overproof\” punch served by the glass or you can opt for punch service which is perfect for groups. They use Ole Sacchrum which lends to the zesty flavors and aroma in the punch. I was impressed with both the Papa Bois and Bay of Figs punch.

Pleasant Storage Room is all about detail and that includes their carefully selected glasses, each cocktail is served in its proper glassware. Their rum selection is extensive and they also have an impressive selection of other spirits to include bourbon, scotch whiskey and mezcal. If you are looking for a show you will not be disappointed with the Na Pali Death Toll. Watching this drink come to life is mesmerizing from the swift swirls to the lime wedge lit on fire.

Na Pali Death Toll and Papa Bois

I love a solid ceviche and I had the pleasure of tasting both their Peruvian snapper and Na Pali death tuna. The creamy Peruvian snapper ceviche is a pleasantly sweet mix of leche de tigre (citrus marinade), aji amarillo (yellow chili pepper), orange and sweet potato topped with crunchy corn nuts. The gorgeous Na Pali death tuna has sweet, salty, spice and citrus notes. It has delicate pieces of tuna, slices of passionfruit, salty cashews, candied habanero syrup, fresh Thai basil and Lemon Hart 151.

Peruvian Snapper Ceviche

Their chicharon de pollo is my new guilty pleasure and it is undeniably addicting. This dish is rum spiced crispy chicken skin served with a wedge of lime.

Chicharron de Pollo

If you are looking for something light to snack on I suggest trying \’mitas, popcorn topped with polvo de queso and sweet chili ghee.


They have several \”extras\” to compliment their entrees such as plantain chips and savory tostones.


The talented James Bickerstaff is behind much of the artwork. You can find several of his amazing murals and outside signage at the restaurant.

Artwork By James Bickerstaff

Check out the Citygram Austin series on Pleasant Storage Room: Summer of Rum

Pleasant Storage Room:
Pleasant Storage Room Facebook page
Pleasant Storage Room website
Instagram: @pleasantstorageroom
Twitter: @psratx

James Bickerstaff:
Instagram: @blackoutjames

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