Sushi Fever Hits Cedar Park

Chef Lee preparing for the dinner crowd

Sushi Fever opened their doors May 6th and has quickly gained a following. Owners Chef Bruce Lee and Amy (Eunmi) Lee moved to Central Texas a few years ago and wanted to bring \”fun\” and \”fabulicious\” Las Vegas to Cedar Park. The couple worked at one of the other locations of this family owned Vegas based restaurant and this is their first venture opening a restaurant of their own. The duo can be found hard at work, Chef Lee preparing dishes behind the sushi bar and Amy greeting customers and checking in on guests. Their gracious smiles and positive energy set the tone for an enjoyable dining experience.

Several of the menu items are accompanied by bold sauces made in house. If you like powerful flavors I recommend the screaming orgasm, the tuna takai and the garlic tuna nigiri. The screaming orgasm consists of tender pieces of lightly seared tuna topped with their signature sauce. Their take on tuna taki is on the spicy side with marinated chunks of tuna topped with fresh micro greens. The garlic tuna packs some warmth from the ample garlic, if you love garlic and despise vampires you will love this nigiri preparation.

Screaming Orgasm

Tuna tataki

Garlic tuna

For the adventurous palate I recommend the uni and quail egg shooter. The creamy uni goes down smooth with the light citrus sauce. If this dish is too much for you opt for a sake bomb which are $2.50 during happy hour.

Uni and quail egg shooter 

Sushi Fever also accommodates the purists.  They have a great selection of nigiri, sashimi and rolls. Based on the cuts it is evident that the chefs are well versed and skilled in the art of cutting fish.

Albacore and madai

Rock and roll

Sushi Fever offers lunch specials and a daily social sake hour from 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm.

Sushi Fever Facebook page

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