Tadashi Opens at the Hill Country Galleria

Disclosure: This was a media complimentary dining experience. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for this post.
Tadashi opened their doors a few months ago at the Hill Country Galleria bringing fine Japanese cuisine to the area. The owner and GM, Shawn McClain, is behind the successful Izumi Sushi and Grill. The Executive Chef Sun II is also the chef of their sister restaurant Izumi. The atmosphere is well rounded making it ideal for a business lunch, a romantic date or a casual happy hour.
The restaurant concept is providing traditional Japanese cuisine with a modern twist. They have an impressive selection of seafood from the renowned Tsukiji Market in Japan and they serve a variety of cooked menu items too. To compliment their dishes they serve an impressive selection of sake, wine and beer.

I recently joined the Tadashi team and fellow foodies for a complimentary preview of their seasonal menu and some of their popular fish offerings. I found the dishes simple yet creative. The kitchen successfully uses techniques and ingredients that enhance the natural flavors of the fish and meat.

Madai Crudo

Our culinary adventure started off with madai crudu. Madai is one of my favorite fish and on a side note it is traditionally served in Japan and Korea during celebrations. The citrus, sweet snap peas and fresh veggies married well with the delicate pieces of madai.

Homemade Gyoza and Ribeye Kushiyaki

For our second course we were treated to homemade gyoza with ostrich, venison and bison along with a ribeye kushiyaki. I enjoyed the gamy notes of the gyoza and the richness of the soy marinated ribeye.

One of my favorite courses was the sushi and sashimi platter. This was an impressive sampling of some of their finest pristinely cut fish.

Chef Sun clearly had fun developing the goat cheese tuna. This dish had playful hints of sweet tangy mango and savory goat cheese that complimented the mild tuna nicely.

Chilean Seabass

The Chilean seabass appears to be one of the more popular cooked entrees. The melt in your mouth buttery seabass was perfectly prepared with a light miso glaze and was complimented with crispy sweet potatoes and asparagus.

Suzuki with Asian Pair

We finished our evening with two phenomenal desserts, Suzuki Asian pear and a red velvet crepe with cream. I found the pear dessert to be light and sweet and it would taste wonderful with a tart Sauvignon blanc. The decadent red velvet crepe would pair wonderfully with a medium bodied red wine.

I enjoyed the atmosphere and amazing dishes enough to stop by the following week to try one of their weekly specials, salmon tartare. The tartare was a layering of fresh slices of avocado, delicate pieces of salmon topped with black tobiko, blue cheese and a miso basil glaze.

Tadashi has excellent lunch specials and a happy hour Monday through Friday from 3pm-6pm.

Tadashi website
Tadashi Facebook page

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