#AFBAHH at Chi\’Lantro BBQ Brick-and-Mortar

Chi\’Lantro Dining Room
The last Wednesday of every month the Austin Food Blogger Alliance meets at a restaurant to catch up with each other while trying some of Austin\’s best restaurants. This month we were lucky enough to have Chi\’Lantro host our outing coordinated by Bo Duncan (Three Diets One Dinner)! I have enjoyed food from the Chi\’Lantro food truck at various festivals and events. I was excited to finally check out the new brick-and-mortar. Jae and his team have done an excellent job making the restaurant a bright and welcoming space to dine.

Chips + Guacamole

I was pleased to see they serve both a selection of beer and wine. I started off with a pinot noir. Soon after our drinks arrived a citrusy spicy guacamole emerged from the kitchen. I liked the tanginess and hint of heat which gave the guacamole character.

Chi\’Lantro – Kimchi Fried Rice Balls
Chi\’Lantro – Kimchi Fried Rice Balls

Next we tried their famous kimchi fried rice balls. The rice balls are are similar to arancini but with a kick of umami from the kimchi and gochujang. The rice balls are full of gooey delicious cheddar & monterey jack, nori and gochujang. The wings are served with a side of spicy sauce the compliments the dish perfectly.

Chi\’Lantro – K-Pops with Gangnam Sauce

We finished our dining experience off proper with K-Pops. K-Pops are Korean fried chicken (KFC) wings. Their wings are absolutely phenomenal! We tried the spicy KFC wings with the flavorful gangnam sauce and the rich honey butter that simply melt in your mouth. The wings are served with their house-made pickles and dipping sauce.
What is in the works? Great news, Chi\’Lantro is opening their second brick-and-mortar on Burnet late spring! Thanks Jae and the rest of the Chi\’Lantro team for giving us a taste of your amazing cuisine. I look forward to the opening of the new location.

Restaurant address:

1509 South Lamar

Austin, TX

For scheduled truck location click HERE


ChilantroBBQ Facebook page

Twitter: @chilantrobbq

Instagram: @chilantro

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