Jenna\’s Asian Kitchen Now Open in North Austin

Dolsot Bibimbap

Jenna\’s Asian Kitchen opened their doors last week and are already earning rave reviews! The family owned business serves an expansive menu of both Korean and Chinese fare. In addition they pour a fine selection of sake, wine and beer. I visited the restaurant opening day and was thoroughly impressed with the cuisine, service and the gorgeous remodel of the restaurant. I had the pleasure of meeting Min, one of the owners and also Jenna\’s husband, and Ha Na who is the GM of JAK and is Min\’s sisters. They expressed enthusiasm about the new venture and the positive response from the community. The family is also behind the wildly popular food trailer Korean Komfort.

Mural by Josh Row

The handsome restaurant has a zen yet hip feel to it. The main dining room has traditional seating while the back dining area has communal seating with a cool mural backdrop depicting the mugnghwa flower. The gorgeous mural is of the \”Rose of Sharon\”, which is also the national flower of Korea, and was created by the talented Josh Row.

Octopus Salad at Jenna\’s Asian Kitchen

My meal started off with a complimentary octopus salad with pickled vegetables, cabbage and tender pieces of octopus. This tangy amuse bouche set the mood for the dining experience and cleansed the palate nicely.

Salt & Pepper Baby Octopus at Jenna\’s Asian Kitchen

For an appetizer I tried the salt & pepper baby octopus served with tempura jalapenos and a spicy aioli sauce. The lightly battered baby octopus was incredibly tender and the light house-made tempura was absolutely delicious. This dish is a house favorite and a must try.

Dolsot Bibimbap Served with Banchan and Miso Soup

The dolsot bibimbap came out in the traditional sizzling hot pot along with, house-made gochujang, miso soup and banchan. I opted for steamed rice which crisped up nicely in the hot pot. The perfectly cooked rice was topped with a variety of fresh vegetables, incredibly rich beef bulgogi and a raw egg at the center. I love the decadent flavor the egg lent to the dish. Their dolsot bibimbap is the ultimate comfort food!

Private Dining at Jenna\’s Asian Kitchen

JAK has a private dining area cleverly hidden behind a sliding wooden door. The private dining room is the perfect place for a celebratory dinner or to hold a large business luncheon.

Living in the north Austin area I am beyond excited to welcome JAK to the neighborhood.

12300 RR FM 620
Austin, TX

Jenna\’s Asian Kitchen Facebook page
Instagram: @jennasasiankitchen

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