Cheesehaus Food Trailer

Cheesehaus owner Zane Fielding

After two years of planning and building his trailer from the ground up owner Zane Fielding dreams came to life when he opened Cheesehaus in March 2015. The trailer is located in Hutto Texas and specializes in grilled cheese sandwiches from your traditional to a variety of gourmet menu options. Cheesehaus uses quality ingredients and incredible breads to make their delicious cheesy sandwiches.

The Green Monster at Cheesehaus
The two most popular sandwiches are the crusher and the green monster. The green monster  has a slice of sharp provolone, creamy feta, fresh spinach on sourdough bread with a smear of creamy avocado. I enjoyed how both of the cheeses and the avocado complimented of each other perfectly.
The Crusher at Cheesehaus
The crusher is the namesake of one of Zane\’s coworker/friend Chris Crush. On a side note my husband and I also call Chris a friend so we of course had to give this menu item a try. The original crusher sandwich was so overloaded that Zane had to scale down the recipe a bit. But the crusher is still an incredibly hearty sandwich. This savory goodness has 6 slices of crispy bacon and 6 slices of gooey cheddar cheese melted to perfection and served proper on Texas toast.
Twinkie Grilled Cheese with Bacon at Cheesehaus

Zane let us try one of his newer creations, the grilled cheese Twinkie. This off menu item are Twinkies with just cheddar or both cheddar and crispy bacon on a grilled Twinkie. The grilling gives it a slightly firmer texture and the addition of cheese makes for a decadent dessert.
Twinkie Grilled Cheese and Twinkie Bacon Grilled Cheese at Cheesehaus
Like Zane himself this food trailer and its menu has lots of character. I enjoyed the menu items we tried and definitely recommend. If you are in the neighborhood make sure to swing by Cheesehaus and indulge in one of their comforting grilled cheese sandwiches.

Cheesehaus Trailer

Short St.
Hutto, TX
(one block north of 79 behind the Shell station)

Telephone Number:
(512) 966-0632 Facebook page
Twitter: @mycheesehaus
Instagram: @mycheesehaus

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