Dos Chivos Now Open in North Austin

Dos Chivos

Dos Chivos opened their doors last week in North Austin. The main players are Mizael Saucedo, Creed Ford IV and Tony Ciola. Mizael has experience working with local favorites to include Fonda San Miguel and Bess Bistro. Mizael successfully combines traditional family recipes with his own flair and has some unique dishes like his grandmother’s avocado tres leches. The restaurant harmoniously delivers delicious cuisine of Tex Mex and Interior Mexican.

Dos Chivos Patio

They remodeled the interior and added a welcoming dog friendly patio.

Chips, salsa and queso at Dos Chivos

We started off with complimentary chips, salsa and the Texas gold queso. During opening week all guests were treated to a complimentary cup of this queso with American cheese and pico de gallo. On my return visit the following week the duo of sauces and chips had greatly improved (they were already good but got better!). The salsa went from sweet to having a hint of spiciness and the house-made chips had a dusting of seasonings.

El Mar Tacos at Dos Chivos

I ordered the enticing El Mar tacos for my entree. The tacos have grilled redfish on house-made corn tortillas topped with a blend of jicama, squash, zucchini, red cabbage, carrots, lime-chipotle aioli. The fish was perfectly seasoned and the sides of black beans and rice were incredible.

A gallina enchiladas at Dos Chivos

Ceviche at Dos Chivos

I returned later in the week to try their ceviche. The ceviche has firm pieces of marinated Texas redfish, mango-habanero pico de gallo and fresh squeezed lime juice. The mango-habanero added a delightful flavor of both sweetness and heat which balanced the flavors nicely. The ceviche is half off during happy hour which is Monday through Friday from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

11620 FM 620 North
Austin, TX 78750

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