Three Must Try Bites at Stella San Jac

There is a plethora of new and exciting restaurants popping up all over Austin and Stella San Jac is one of the standouts. The meticulous restaurant has an enchanting open dining room, an impressive bar program and fabulous cuisine. We all know it is easy to spend a pay check trying to keep up with all the new restaurants so I am sharing my top three small plates at Stella San Jac that are both delicious and affordable. Each of these tantalizing small plates run $5-$6!

The Savory Deviled Eggs at Stella San Jac
This scrumptious trio of deviled eggs brings the savory with a touch of andouille sausage.
The Beet Chips at Stella San Jac
If you like beet chips you will love Stella San Jac\’s version. They lightly fry them to a crisp and are served with a delightful horseradish dill dip.

The Famous #16 Biscuits at Stella San Jac
Chef Michael Cerrie\’s #16 biscuits are a solid contender for best biscuits in Austin. The buttery biscuits are sprinkled with just the right amount of salt and are served up proper with whipped honey butter.

310 E 5th St 

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