A First Look at Fukumoto Izakaya & Sushi

Fukumoto Izakaya & Sushi

Full Disclosure: I attended a complimentary media tasting at Fukumoto Izakaya & Sushi. All opinions are my own.

Chef Kazu Fukumoto is opening Fukumoto Izakaya & Sushi this week and I got a sneak peek at his gorgeous new restaurant. Chef Fukumoto, formerly of Musashino Sushi Dokoro, is an extremely talented chef and is well renowned in the Austin food community. This restaurant is at the very top of my most anticipated restaurants opening in 2015 and Fukumoto did not disappoint!

The open kitchen, beautifully designed space and warm wooden decor make for an inviting atmosphere. Prime seating is at the chefs table facing the open kitchen where all the action is happens.

Beautiful Woodwork at Fukumoto Izakaya & Sushi

I dined in during soft opening and had a \”tease\” of what the kitchen has to offer and I promise that you to be impressed! The menu consists of fresh sushi offerings, comforting izakaya, mouth-watering tempura and tantalizing yakitori. Every dish I tried was absolutely brilliant and the yakitori was a stand out.

Here is a look at some of the delectable bites we enjoyed during our extraordinary dining experience.

Monkfish Liver at at Fukumoto Izakaya & Sushi

The incredibly rich monkfish plated aesthetically with shiso leaf, daikon, scallion and a hint of ponzu.

Organic Fried Chicken at Fukumoto Izakaya & Sushi

The fried organic chicken with Tokyo negi sauce was incredible. If you see this on the menu, you most definitely should order it!

Nigiri at Fukumoto Izakaya & Sushi

Delicate cuts of yellowtail, mackerel and Japanese scallop over Chef Fukomoto\’s top secret rice (there is a special ingredient) was impeccable.

Big Eye Tuna Roll at Fukumoto Izakaya & Sushi

The big eye tuna is a simple roll with lots of character from the flavorful rice.

Pork Belly Yakitori at Fukumoto

Chef Fukomoto\’s yakitori is hands down the best I have tasted. Guests are given a small dish consisting of three items to include a mild pepper, spicy karashi mustard and shichimi pepper (seven-flavor chili pepper) for dipping. We sampled the decadent pork belly grilled to perfection with a caramelized taste to it. We also had the incredible chicken heart glazed with a mouth-watering house-made sauce.

Local Draft Beer and Hanh Winery Merlot at Fukumoto Izakaya & Susni

Congratulations to Chef Fukomoto and the team at Fukumoto Izakaya & Sushi on a successful soft opening. Austinites are extremely lucky to have your remarkable new restaurant in east Austin. Opening day is slated for September 3rd 2015.


514 Medina Street

Austin, TX 78702

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