A First Look at Fukumoto Izakaya & Sushi

Fukumoto Izakaya & Sushi Full Disclosure: I attended a complimentary media tasting at Fukumoto Izakaya & Sushi. All opinions are my own. Chef Kazu Fukumoto is opening Fukumoto Izakaya & Sushi this week and I got a sneak peek at his gorgeous new restaurant. Chef Fukumoto, formerly of Musashino¬†Sushi Dokoro, is an extremely talented chefContinue reading “A First Look at Fukumoto Izakaya & Sushi”

Cooking with Paiche from Whole Foods Market

¬† Whole Foods Market recently started selling paiche which is a sustainable species of fish responsibly farmed in South America. It has a light flaky texture and buttery notes making it a great alternative to sea bass and similar fish. While you can find paiche at a limited number of restaurants, Whole Foods Market isContinue reading “Cooking with Paiche from Whole Foods Market”