Kor180 Expands to North Burnet Rd. and Free Classes Week

Kor180 Studio

I have been a member of the Kor180 community more than two years now and am so happy they have expanded to North Austin! So what is Kor180? Kor180 is a community and studio that promotes overall health, well being and encourages you to live inspired. There are several calorie blasting classes to choose from: 30 or 45 minute Ryde (cycling) classes, Reformer classes, Mixed (30 minute Ryde/30 minute Reformer) and Extreme (45 minute Ryde/30 minute Reformer). The studio has won best Pilates studio and Maja Kermath (co-founder/instructor) won best Pilates instructor and best Cycling instructor in Austin Fit Magazine\’s \”best of\” for the past 3 years!

Kor180 Ryde – Photo Courtesy of Kor180

During Ryde we ride with resistance on their top of the line bikes. The Ryde classes focus on lower body while the Reformer is a full body workout. Their custom Reformer machines are incredible. The versatile equipment allows for a well rounded workout with an endless ways to do so. I encourage you to stop by and try a Kor180 101 class which is free and checkout the KorReformer for yourself!

Photo After Our Sneak Peek Class at the New Studio With the Reformer – Photo Credit Joe C.
With the abundance of studios why do I choose to #getsweaty at Kor180? The short answer is I leave the studio in a better place than when I walked in. The instructors motivate us in a positive way and push us to work hard in a safe and inviting environment. Although I was working out regularly before attending Kor180 classes but after my first month at Kor180 I noticed a huge difference in my body and my mindset. I no longer worked out with the goal of being skinny. I wanted to be strong (both mentally and physically), inspired (by the energy and Kor180 bees around me) and healthy. And that is what happened when I committed to my practice and committed to myself.
Kor180 is offering FREE classes at their North Burnet Rd. location 1/25-1/31! You can sign up for classes here: http://kor180.com/communitylove
In addition, check out Kor180 on Instagram and find out how you can be entered to win a free month (they will choose 12 lucky winners): Instagram: @kor180


North Austin

  • 11005 Burnet Rd, Ste 106
  • Austin, Texas 78758

(512) 772-2541

Downtown Austin
1611 W 5th St, Ste 140
Austin, Texas

(512) 243-7955

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