Thai Kun Brick-and-Mortar Menu Preview at Qui

Thai Kun Brick-and-Mortar to Open Soon at the Domain

In anticipation of the brick-and-mortar opening at the Domain soon, Thai Kun hosted a preview at Qui showcasing a variety of dishes from the new menu.

Thai Kun Cocktail

The impressive 7 course meal was paired with an equally exceptional drink menu consisting of fine wines, Kitachino beer and ended with a phenomenal cocktail.

Kun Cha Nampla from Thai Kun Pop-Up

The first dish set the tone for the culinary experience. Kung cha nampla was a \”fire and ice\” if you will with hot and cold spot prawn served with nam jim (dipping sauce).

Guay Chai from Thai Kun Pop-Up

The guay chai, crispy chive cake has a wonderful texture and is served with jalapeno nam jim which complimented the dish nicely.

Moo Satay Ajaat at Thai Kun Pop-Up

The third course brought back fond memories of Chef Thai Changthong\’s time with Spin Modern Thai. The moo satay ajaat is tender grilled pork paired with a refreshing sweet and sour cucumber and a delightful peanut curry.

Sai Krok Issan at Thai Kun Pop-Up

A savory sai krok issan had some fabulous flavors. This dish is a fermented pork sausage plated with ginger, Thai chile and cilantro.

Kuay Tiao Ruea at Thai Kun Pop-Up

Kuay tiao ruea was a crowd favorite! This incredible dish has boat noodles, savory spiced pork \”5-ways\” and paired impecably with a 2012 Charles Jogue \”Les Charmes\”, Chinon, France.

Neux Yang at Thai Kun Pop-Up

One of my favorite dishes was the melt in your mouth neux yang. The grilled ribeye issan-style cut like butter and was served with sticky rice. This was a fun dish to eat as you can eat it similar to nigiri because who doesn\’t like to eat their food with their hands?!

Khia Niao Nah Pla Hang at Thai Kun Pop-Up

For dessert we were treated to khao niao nah pla hang. This interesting dessert has rhum agricole, bigallet china china, coconut cream and lemon grass brown sugar.

Chef Thai\’s dishes were absolutely brilliant and I am eagerly awaiting for the new brick-and-mortar to open! Austin is in for a real treat.

Telephone Number:
(512) 795-4230

11410 Century Oaks Ter.

Austin, TX 78758

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