Barley Swine Launches "Swine Time" on Burnet Rd.

Barley Swine at Burnet Rd.

Barley Swine opened their doors at the shiny new Burnet Rd. location in January 2016. The new space has a gorgeous welcoming patio facing Burnet Rd. The handsome decor inside the restaurant represents the Barley Swine concept perfectly with a farm-to-table feel.

Swine Time menu at Barley Swine

Last week Barley Swine launched their wildly popular \”Swine Time\” menu showcasing craft cocktails, several incredible wines and a nice variety of small plates. I joined some friends for the Swine Time menu launch and was impressed with the space and approachable menu.
Obligatory Tiki with A.K.A. Mixology at Barley Swine

We started things off proper with the Obligatory Tiki which is a gorgeous & refreshing craft cocktail. This innovative nitro draft cocktail is the perfect blend of Black Seal Rum, Piña Gnomme, ginger, @a.k.a_mixology lime and Texas pecan orgeat. This phenomenal cocktail is currently only $6 during Swine Time.

Old Fashion with A.K.A. Mixology Grenadine at Barley Swine

The talented Dustin also made a wonderful crystal clear Old Fashion using A.K.A. Mixology grenadine. If you are a bartender, mixologist and/or restaurant owner I encourage you to try locally owned and operated A.K.A. mixology\’s clarified elixirs. You can find out more about A.K.A. Mixology here:

For the small plates off the Swine Time menu our group tried the Grilled Oyster Mushroom ($5 hh), Hay Roasted Carrots ($6 hh), Spanish Mackerel ($6.50 hh), Sunchoke ($5 hh) Chicken Fat Jelly Donut $3.50 hh) and Cider Vinegar Pie ($4 hh).

Grilled Oyster Mushroom at Barley Swine

The beautifully plated Grilled Oyster Mushroom with beets, toasted cheese and pecans was my favorite dish.

Hay Roasted Carrots at Barley Swine

The vibrant Hay Roasted Carrots with sorghum, toasted seeds in a rich creamy chèvre fondue is reminiscent of the Carrots Roasted in Hay from their sister restaurant Odd Duck.

Spanish Mackerel at Barley Swine

The incredibly delicious Spanish Mackerel was also a delight. The delicate cuts of mackerel paired nicely with the peanut ranch and has bright citrus notes.

Sunchoke at Barley Swine

The rich Sunchoke dish was surprisingly savory with charred leeks and caramelized egg.

Pig Skin Noodles at Barley Swine

You cannot eat at a restaurant with swine in the name without indulging into something with pork! The Pig Skin Noodles fit the bill with hot sauce, shrimp dumplings and almond.

Chicken Fat Jelly Doughnut at Barley Swine

Speaking of savory the  playful chicken fat jelly doughnut with strawberry punctuated the meal nicely.

Cider Vinegar Pie at Barley Swine

Another fabulous dessert is the beautifully balanced Cider Vinegar Pie with fresh apple, pecan and oats.

Blackened Octopus at Barley Swine

Off the regular shareable plates menu we also tried the blackened octopus with pig foot rice, cabbage and yogurt. The pig foot rice was addicting but I would have liked a bit more flavor from the octopus.

A couple of tips that I would like to share is they offer complimentary valet and the restaurant fills up quickly. You may want to make reservations or arrive at 5pm when they open. Swine Time is a great introduction to the talented Chef Bryce Gilmore\’s cuisine and Dustin\’s fresh cocktail creations at the bar.
Barley Swine Facebook page
Instagram: @barleyswine
Twitter: @BarleySwine

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