Poké-Poké Bringing Flavors of Hawaii to South Austin

Poké-Poké Storefront in Austin, TX

Founders Jason and Trish opened their first Poké-Poké location in Los Angeles in 2010. The duo fell in love with poké while in Hawaii and wanted to bring one of Hawaii\’s most popular dishes stateside. In July 2016, the now Austin residents opened a new location bringing those same delicious flavors to South Austin. The new location has a small storefront with counter service and a welcoming patio off of South Congress. The white & ocean blue color scheme along with their whimsical surfer style logo will whisk you away to the beach as you indulge in a brightly flavored, nutritionally rich poké.

Dubbed the surfer\’s sashimi, poké is a quick and healthy Hawaiian dish that is made-to-order. Traditional poké is sashimi grade ahi mixed with shoyu, sesame oil, sesame seeds and onions. Poké-Poké offers additional proteins and vegetarian bowls along with several other ingredients for a customized poké dish. Poké may be ordered with rice or Hawaiian style sans rice.

Poké Menu at Poké-Poké

Customers are welcome to order a signature poké bowl or opt to build their own. To build a perfect bowl:
1. Choose your poké flavor 
2. Choose your add-ins 
3. Choose your size 
4. Choose white rice, brown rice or no rice (Hawaiian style)
Shiso Poké with Ahi Tuna and White Rice at Poké-Poké

On our first visit I ordered a small Shiso Poké with white rice and substituted salmon for ahi tuna. I loved the blend of fresh ahi tuna tossed in a splendid mix of shoyu (soy sauce), red wine vinegar, sesame oil, sesame seed, on top of a bed of perfectly cooked rice, crisp cucumbers, shiso leaf and both white & green onions.
Poké-Poké Drink Menu

In addition to their gorgeous poké bowls, Poké-Poké also serves up refreshing acai bowls, Texas canned beers, Texas ciders, a limited yet thoughtful selection of wines and spirit free beverages such as Topo Chico & Kambucha.

The restaurant is currently in soft opening with a limited menu and is currently open from 11am-6pm.

Telephone Number:
(512) 814-1032

3100 S. Congress Ave
Ste A
Austin, TX 78704

Current hours:11am-6pm (while in soft opening)

Poke-Poke Facebook page
Instagram: @pokepokebowls
Twitter: @Eat_Poke

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