Poké-Poké Bringing Flavors of Hawaii to South Austin

Poké-Poké Storefront in Austin, TX Founders Jason and Trish opened their first Poké-Poké location in Los Angeles in 2010. The duo fell in love with poké while in Hawaii and wanted to bring one of Hawaii\’s most popular dishes stateside. In July 2016, the now Austin residents opened a new location bringing those same delicious flavorsContinue reading “Poké-Poké Bringing Flavors of Hawaii to South Austin”

Lucky Robot Japanese Kitchen Opens On SoCo

Lucky Robot Japanese Kitchen opened just over a week ago with a fun creative menu and iPad ordering system.  Each table is quipped with an iPad which allows customers to scroll threw the menu, lookup ingredients and allergen information, place orders, page a waiter, pay their bill and log into Twitter and Facebook. Keeping with theContinue reading “Lucky Robot Japanese Kitchen Opens On SoCo”