Favor Expands Delivery Areas in Austin and Launches Service in The Woodlands

Snap Kitchen Delivery via the Favor App
Great news Texans! Favor​, t​he popular delivery service had expanded their delivery areas in Austin, Dallas, and Fort Worth ­­ and just launched service in The Woodlands. The expansions include doubling the size of Austin with a larger north to Cedar Park and south to Slaughter delivery zone, completing the Dallas metroplex with the addition of Addison, and reaching 5+ additional communities across the Fort Worth area. To celebrate Favor is offering $1 Chick Fil A deliveries through July 30th for deliveries in the new delivery areas and it all will be delivered in 35 minutes or less. 
Favor is a service that easily allows customers to place their order with a personal delivery assistant (a Runner) via a user friendly app with a flat fee of $5. Customers can order their favorite dishes from a restaurant, pick up groceries, dry cleaning and more. Delivery time is quick averaging 35 minutes.
Are you new to Favor? Use code SUSHIGIRL when signing up to receive credit towards your first order with Favor. http://fv.rs/i/SUSHIGIRL
Below are the maps showing the new delivery zones:
Austin FAVOR Delivery Zone

Dallas FAVOR Delivery Zone

Fort Worth FAVOR Delivery Zone

The Woodlands FAVOR Delivery Zone

One thought on “Favor Expands Delivery Areas in Austin and Launches Service in The Woodlands

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