Uroko Brings a New Creative Concept to East Austin

Uroko Storefront

Uroko opened their doors May 1st with three unique concepts rolled into one intimate storefront: Casual counter-service Temaki (hand roll) bar
Sushi classes currently Thursday nights
Weekend 45-minute sushi omakase
Chef Masazumi Saio making omakase – Uroko

The team behind the new creative concept are Masazumi Saio formerly of Uchi, both Takehiro Asazu and Kayo Asazu owners of Komé. During my visit to Uroko, Kayo shared that she received feedback from both friends and Komé regulars that they would like to dine and enjoy quality sushi with the possibility of a wait (Komé is currently walk-in only). Chef Masa and Chef Také are dedicated to selecting the fresh ingredients and aim to give their guests an exclusive culinary experience at an affordable price. Omakase is an incredible value, at $65 guests will experience some of the best sushi I have experienced in Austin. 
Uroko translates to \’fish scale\” hence the marker at the door
I dined in for their Omakase experience recently and was delighted by the beautifully orchestrated 45 minute omakase by Chef Masazumi Saio. It was just as enjoyable to watch Chef Masa working his magic, placing the perfect bite of nigiri in front of his 6 eager guests as it was tasting each delectable course. The 45 minute omakase consists of 12 pieces of perfectly cut nigiri paired with carefully chef selected accompanied ingredients to compliment yet not overpower the naturally beautiful flavors of the fish. Their Omakase is already wildly popular and booking up quickly. The 6 seated sushi bar has 4 seatings on Fridays and Saturdays only. You might wonder, does a 45 minute omakase feel rushed? Uroko is my second 45 minute omakase experience, the first being in New York City, and while my New York City experienced felt like the speed dating of sushi, Uroko felt like a delightful short story. I got an enjoyable introduction with each of the 12 remarkable characters and the climax was not a punctuation but instead gleefully filled the lines of each page. 
Madai – Uroko
Madai with lemon zest,  one of my favorite fish, was the perfect introduction to our experience 
Sake – Uroko
Sake Toro with miso glaze
Hamachi – Uroko
Hamachi paired perfectly with picked wasabi
Tako – Uroko
Tako with sweet soy

Chef Masa Smoking Hotate – Uroko

Hotate – Omakase
Hotate smoked with cherry wood and topped with Yuzukoshō adding a nice peppery note
Saba – Uroko
House cured Saba topped with ginger and scallion
Tanin Bune – Uroko
Tanin Bune, creamy Santa Barbara uni and salmon roe transported our tastebuds to the sea
Maguro – Uroko

Maguro – Uroko
Maguro,  bluefin with bits of Texas heat
Toro – Uroko
Tuna Toro, or as Chef Masa calls it \”candy\” topped simply with real wasabi and a touch of soy sauce
Botan Ebi – Uroko

Botan Ebi – Uroko
Botan Ebi, topped with dashi jelly & lemon zest
Tamago – Uroko

Tamago – Uroko
Uroko \”branded\” Tamago topped with daikon is the perfect sweet bite to end a meal
Anago – Uroko
Anago, salt water eel, is orange juice marinated and topped with ginger & sea salt
Frozen Soy Matcha Latte – Uroko

On a hot summer evening, I couldn\’t get enough of their Frozen Soy Matcha Latte. The rich slightly sweet frozen concoction carried me through the 45 minute experience and is an enjoyable palate cleanser.

Sushi A-Go-Go October 31st, 2010

I have been a fan since Takehiro and Kayo Asazu\’s first concept Sushi-a-Go-Go, a sushi slinging food trailer and catering business that opened in 2009. Guests can still find the beloved food trailer\’s most popular rolls on Kome\’s menu like one of my favorites the Sunshine Roll. For nostalgia I still have an origami an employee gifted me at the trailer on my desk! 
I couldn\’t be happier to see local concepts and restaurateurs thrive, become successful and grow. Congrats to the incredible Uroko team, I will be back soon to experience Temaki and perhaps a sushi making class.

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1023 Springdale Rd.
Bldg 1 Ste C
Austin TX 78721


Mon-Wed: 11am – 9pm
Thu-Sat: 11am – 4pm
-Sushi Class–
Thursdays: 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Fridays & Saturdays: 6pm – 10pm




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