Maverick Whiskey Agave Blanco

I recently had the opportunity to try the Maverick Whiskey Agave Blanco and was truly impressed! It is a floral and fruit forward agave spirit distilled from 100% Blue Agave nectar. Agave Blanco is a less traditional take on tequila resulting in a spirit that is more drinkable and accessible to non-tequila drinkers. They call it Agave Spirit because to be called Tequila, by law, it must be distilled in Jalisco, Mexico and they distill theirs right here in Texas just steps away from the Alamo, at Maverick Whiskey Distillery: 115 Broadway, San Antonio, TX 78205. Their Agave Blanco has a lovely nose of dry white wine, apple blossom, and white pepper with green fruit, honeysuckle on the palate.

Awards include:



The namesake Sam Maverick is known as:

  1. signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence
  2. cheater of death
  3. legislature
  4. land baron
  5. the man from which all other mavericks are named

In March of 1836, a small group of brave “Texian rebels” holed up in a small Spanish mission, known as the Alamo. Facing certain death, these brave men took a stand against oppression. Among those Sam Maverick was elected to represent San Antonio de Bexar in the new Republic of Texas. Maverick rode under cover of darkness with a message for help to Washington-on-the-Brazos. The remaining defenders of the Alamo were killed a few days later.

In 1839, he was elected to his first term as mayor of San Antonio and during this time he also served as city treasurer and precinct Justice of the Peace. He was a member of the San Antonio militia, protecting the city from Comanche attacks. Sam participated in the Council House Fight on March 19, 1840. By the end of 1840, Maverick owned almost 5,000 acres with almost 13,000 acres under survey. In 1844, the land total included over 35,000 acres by title and an additional 20,000 by survey. The following year he purchased an additional 11,000 acres on behalf of his father. He was officially a Texas land baron. Sam continued to purchase land across Texas. But home was San Antonio and the land where Maverick Whiskey now stands was on the original family property. Records indicate that what is now Maverick Whiskey, proudly stands where the corner of the family homestead was once plotted.

After Texas was annexed, Maverick served in the Texas legislature. Years later, he supported Sam Houston in his rally to support the Union during the American Civil War. However, he voted for succession as a member of the convention. He served a second tour of duty as mayor of San Antonio after the Civil War and helped reorganize the Democratic party. His mark on the city of San Antonio is profound, wide spread and still felt today. The bell at St. Mark’s church was made by Maverick from a cannon taken from the Alamo.

Throughout Maverick’s remarkable life he cheated death many times. From Malaria upon his arrival in Texas, prompting him upon recovery to move to the drier climate of San Antonio, his time in combat at the Alamo, an illness forcing him to recuperate in Nacogdoches after signing the constitution, being captured by the Mexican Army and then released, narrowly escaping a comanche raid on a surveying trip in 1839, and almost drowning when his boat capsized in 1845 – Maverick lived life to the fullest, if only we could all #LiveLikeSam.

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