Cooking with Paiche from Whole Foods Market

  Whole Foods Market recently started selling paiche which is a sustainable species of fish responsibly farmed in South America. It has a light flaky texture and buttery notes making it a great alternative to sea bass and similar fish. While you can find paiche at a limited number of restaurants, Whole Foods Market isContinue reading “Cooking with Paiche from Whole Foods Market”

Whole Food Market\’s Flagship Store Opens New Sushi Bar Venue

On Tuesday Whole Foods Market Lamar location opened their new full service sushi bar. Members of the Austin Food Blogger Alliance were introduced to the new venue and treated to a complimentary sampling of some of what the KIKKA team is serving at the new location which is now by the seafood department. The interactiveContinue reading “Whole Food Market\’s Flagship Store Opens New Sushi Bar Venue”