Whole Food Market\’s Flagship Store Opens New Sushi Bar Venue

On Tuesday Whole Foods Market Lamar location opened their new full service sushi bar. Members of the Austin Food Blogger Alliance were introduced to the new venue and treated to a complimentary sampling of some of what the KIKKA team is serving at the new location which is now by the seafood department. The interactive sushi bar provides a bird\’s eye view of the KIKKA team at work creating their tasty appetizers and made to order sushi.
The first menu items we tried were the fresh edamame, crispy vegetable rolls and delicious chewy sesame balls. We also tasted the squid salad which most of us, including me, could not seem to get enough of!
Jason Sprague, an Associate Store Team Leader at Whole Foods, shared that their sushi bar has the same seafood standards and commitment to sustainability as the Whole Food Market\’s seafood department which means they only use fresh and/or frozen fish and they do not use red graded fish.
Essentially all the rolls on the menu are signature rolls. They were created by, taste tested and voted on by KIKKA\’s own team members. The rolls pictured below are the Cherry Blossom Crunch Roll (top left), Baja Roll (bottom) and the Fiery Hawaiian Roll with salmon (top right). 

I found the fish and the other ingredients fresh, the flavors complimentary of each other and the rolls creative without going overboard.

The sushi bar is conveniently located near Bar Lamar making it easy to grab a sparkling glass of wine or Texas brew to pair with KIKKA\’s creations.

One thought on “Whole Food Market\’s Flagship Store Opens New Sushi Bar Venue

  1. I've been shopping at WF's south location and haven't been downtown to see the completed renovations. Im still waiting for them to carry natural cone sushi (inari) made with fresh aburage (tofu pouches) instead of canned.


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