TopGolf\’s Mushi

Mushi If a burrito and a sushi roll had a baby it would be TopGolf\’s mushi. Mushi is an oven baked concoction made of sticky rice, drunken beans, chicken, cheddar cheese, wrapped in their cheddar jalapeño tortilla topped with sour cream, avocado and chili sauce. While the big draw at TopGolf are the games, grabbingContinue reading “TopGolf\’s Mushi”

Spin Modern Thai Launches a Social Hour and New Menu Items

Spin Modern Thai launched a new social hour menu last night offering special pricing on select dishes, all wines by the glass and beer. They brought back the beloved larb sake during social hour only. Larb sake consists of a mix of salmon sashimi, red grapes, cherry tomatoes, microgreens, Thai chilies and nam pla lemongrass vinaigrette.Continue reading “Spin Modern Thai Launches a Social Hour and New Menu Items”

Spin Modern Thai is Spicing Up North Austin

With two chefs formerly of Uchiko, it is no surprise that Spin Modern Thai produces delictibale dishes that are beautifully plated. The ideal seat is at the bar where you will find an open kitchen. At the bar you may have an opportunity to meet Chef Thai and watch him in action creating his unique dishes. My favorite menu item is theContinue reading “Spin Modern Thai is Spicing Up North Austin”