Soto Celebrates Their One Year Anniversary

Last week marked Soto\’s one year anniversary. On Tuesday March 4th Soto celebrated by offering their customers free sake and specials to include $3 spicy tuna and salmon rolls, $3 off Soto roll and $3 Kumamoto oysters. I joined a group of North Austin foodies in the Moon Room to celebrate and enjoy Soto\’s unique cuisine.

Kumamoto oysters topped with roe and citrus sauce
When Soto has Kumamoto oysters they are a must try. Kumamoto oysters are small and have a light briny flavor balanced with a hint of fruit. Soto serves them in the half shell topped with a citrus ponzu like sauce and roe.
Soto Roll with chu-toro substituted for white salmon
Jalapeno hamachi
Live scallop with uni
The live scallop topped with uni and roe is an off the menu item and was a big hit with my dining companions. The edible flowers, uni and roe gave this dish a vibrant presentation. 
Goldenrod Cocktail

Cheers Soto and congratulations on a successful first year! I look forward to celebrating many more of your anniversaries.

Green tea tiramisu 

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