Foxhole Culinary Tavern Turns One

Foxhole Culinary Tavern has quickly become one of our favorite places to dine out and enjoy a drink in North Austin over the past year. The culinary and management team successfully delivers high quality food and exceptional cocktails in an enjoyable atmosphere. The steaks are Linz Heritage Angus and cut in-house. They always have severalContinue reading “Foxhole Culinary Tavern Turns One”

Soto Celebrates Their One Year Anniversary

Last week marked Soto\’s one year anniversary. On Tuesday March 4th Soto celebrated by offering their customers free sake and specials to include $3 spicy tuna and salmon rolls, $3 off Soto roll and $3 Kumamoto oysters. I joined a group of North Austin foodies in the Moon Room to celebrate and enjoy Soto\’s uniqueContinue reading “Soto Celebrates Their One Year Anniversary”

Review of Soto Japanese Cuisine

Chefs Choice Sushi When the topic of Soto comes up with friends and fellow foodies there is one commonality that resonates, they had a one of a kind experience. Why? Because at Soto your dining experience does not stop at the sense of taste, they incorporate site and smell into their imaginative dishes. They wantContinue reading “Review of Soto Japanese Cuisine”