Soto Celebrates Their 2 Year Anniversary

Truffle Salmon with Crispy shallots, scallions and a Light Ponzu Sauce

Today, March 10th 2015, Soto Restaurant is celebrating their two year anniversary. Over the past two years Chef Andy, his family and the rest of the Soto team have cultivated a unique dining experience that triggers all the senses with their imaginative cuisine.  Dinner guests are treated to creative creations like fire salmon, sakura smoked hamachi sashimi and hamachi toro tartare with caviar served on a block of ice.

During their anniversary guests were treated to a complimentary glass of saké and some new menu offerings. All the special dishes looked delicious but most intriguing to me was the truffle salmon. The dish has tender cuts of buttery rich salmon topped with crispy shallots and scallions, edible flowers in a light ponzu sauce. 

Tuna Foie Grois at Soto
Another fairly new menu item is the foie grois tuna. The dish has tempura vegetable chips topped with richly flavored tuna and lightly fried foie grois. The dish is incredibly decadent. 
Here\’s to many more years of celebration to come Soto, kanpai!
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